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At My Professor you can consult your very own academic study expert.

We provide expert tuition and detailed feedback on all your university assignments. 

We work with students from around the world to develop

their skills and academic writing to improve grades.


Whatever level you are at, from preparation for university entrance to PhD,

we can help you achieve your best!

Getting Started Tutorial

45 mins from £50

Feedback Tutorial

45 mins from £50

Written Feedback (via email)

£50 per 3000 words

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Attention to Detail

Simply email us your work along with details of the assignment you are working towards (the question, marking criteria and any other relevant directions) and receive detailed written feedback on your work from one of our experts. 

Feedback will be returned within 7 working days.

Prices start from £50.

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Expert Service

Receive expert tuition dedicated to guiding you through the written feedback you have received. 

This tutorial is designed as a follow up to the written feedback. The aim is to explain what you need to do next to improve your work and answer any questions you may have. 

Online tutorials can be booked following initial email feedback. 

First tutorial £70

Follow up tutorials can be arranged to clarify points made and provide feedback on revisions you have made to your work. These are usually shorter and are charged at an additional rate of £50

Please, note you cannot discuss new pieces of work in follow up tutorials.

University lecturer Dr Chris Ireland providing student support during a tutorial.

Getting started

Sometimes getting started with writing is difficult!

 This is where a tutorial with one of our Study experts can help. Understanding assignments, breaking down the question, planning your writing and talking through your ideas with an experienced tutor, can all be invaluable in getting you started with your work.

Book an online tutorial now.

Each tutorial lasts 45 mins and costs £60